Catering Invoice Excel Template

In most event organization, catering invoices are the formal document which contains all the billing details regarding services attained for event and the bundle of offers which were included in the package.

These invoices can be quickly created using Excel invoice templates which are available with pre-structured module and using the standard element entries.  Using these templates you don’t need to look forth the format and deep ingredient details.

Catering Invoice Template

Beside an ease with formatting and content order, Catering invoice templates are furthermore much productive and handy to smooth your process of writing identical document for repetitive needs. Like invoice creating is the process of billing attained offers and services instead of calculating lengthy billing details, simple clicking in Excel makes is much easier.

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catering Template

Here are some of the common constituents which you need to insert while creating or customizing such template;

  • Company name as title or header
  • Clients details like name and contact number
  • A section for the details of services available in range and mark the services which are attained by the customer
  • A section for total bill along with individual cost of everything
  • And last the section of signature for authentication

Format of Catering Invoice Template

There are no set parameters devised for the format, but each company has its own attire of working. Keeping the services and offers in hands, customized templates can be designed for this purpose which is very supportive for fast track documentation.