Construction Billing Invoice Template [XLX+PDF]

For companies providing construction services, construction invoice is an important document which they issued to their customers and clients. Using Excel invoice templates help you achieve all documentation formalities in lesser time as you have a readily available draft to fill up the details and issue the invoice to your customer.

These templates make your documentation process faster, precise and aligned and you don’t really need to write off an invoice from scratch every time.

Billing Invoice Template

In today’s professional culture, outlook and precision of documents matters a lot, therefore using customized billing invoice templates, you can stick to a precise and standard format, avoid any miscommunication of details and rather than keeping the burden of recalling all billing factors on the mind, you can just shift this responsibility to computer memory.

Format of Excel Construction Invoice Template

Every company has its own portion of services and formal conduct for customers therefore in order to create such tool, their format and layout may vary from others. But usually what come majorly on this note are some basic categories of information which you have to mention. Below is a briefly stated general format for these templates;

  • Write your company name as header
  • Write the details of customer and their objected services
  • Write off the billing details and add the total bill section
  • Further add a section for stated company policies to offer your services
  • Mention a section for signature of activity supervisor to authenticate this invoice
 billing-invoice1  free-invoice-template

Working with these automated tool not only save your time but also make this process formal documentation much easier.