Create Printable Contractor Payment Receipt in Excel

Download how you can create custom printable contractor invoice/receipt through Microsoft Excel format. Independent or commercial base U.K format receipt according to your demand.  An invoice is just a fancy word for bill. This is a bill you give someone who owes you money for services or goods you have provided. Unlike a regular bill, UN invoice must contain information like:

  • Description of goods or services
  • Price of goods or hourly rate of services
  • Number of goods or number of hours
  • Amount due per each good or service
  • Total amount due
  • Contractor’s information
  • Client information
  • The payment policy
  • Company or freelance logo (optional)

It can be difficult to draft an entirely new invoice each and every time you need to bill a client, that is why it is smart and easy to create or download a contractor invoice template. This template can be created in Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe Reader. Use of another appropriate software feel free to use that instead.

Creating your own template, don’t hold back on making it easy on the eyes. If you don’t have access to a designer that’s alright as Microsoft gives you a lot of user friendly options to customize your documents if you take the time out for that. It is recommended that you include your logo as that will increase the integrity of the invoice.

Construction Punch List Template Excel

Contractor Invoice Template U.K

To make your invoice in Word follow these instructions:

Step 1)

Create a header having your company name, logo and the word “invoice” written on it.

Step 2)

Then in the body text area write, “Contractor information” in bold.

Step 3)

Under that go to the insert tab and create a table that has three columns and two rows and in any order you wish fill each row with one of the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Office Phone number
  • Email
  • Cell number

Step 4) Repeat step three for “Client Information”

Step 5) Give a heading, “Charges”.

Step 6)

Under the heading create a table which has five columns and as many rows as you want.

Step 7)

Name each column respectively as

  • Description of work performed
  • Duration of work (from to)
  • Hourly rate of work
  • of hours
  • Amount

Step 8)

In the last row of the table, create a total amount cell and input the sum formula into it.

Step 9)

Give the heading, “Comments” and leave some space under it if you would like to write a few extra comments or information there.

Step 10)

Give the heading, “Confirmation of payment” and create two signature lines; one for the contractor and one for the client.

Step 11)

You can create a footer which has your company’s payment policy in fine print, of course this is optional.

With this your template is done and you are free to save it as a template by making sure the file type is “Word Template” and your good to go.

How to Download Template?

If you are downloading the template, then make sure you scan it for viruses before opening it outside of protected view. Customize it if needed and Save it as a Word template again or skip this step if you like it as it is. You can find the template easily online.