Excel Format in Garments Costing

If you are searching for excel sheets in different formats to make garments costing easy and manageable you are at right place. Cost sheets and knitted items sheets using excel templates by designers are also added here for you.

Online stores and companies who are required to order items for manufacturing t shirts and other sort of knitted garments usually require these sheets in excel format for better costing and managing it expenses. In retail invoice template same format could apply.

Realizing expenses made on each specific fabric ordered and other fabrics required to manufacture garments is added and listed in the sheet. It is helpful in realizing which fabric is required in more quantity while fabric required in less quantity therefore stock keeping is accurate and easier minimizing holding costs compared to profit earned.

Format of Excel Table In Garments Costing

  • Buyer name, department name and date are added on the top of cost sheet.
  • The basic headings are style no, item description, order quantity and size range.
  • Fabrication, fabric type, fabric cut able width and fabric cost/ yard is added.
  • Other manufacturing costs are also added in the sheet.
  • Total fabric required and therefore total cost of the fabric is calculated.

Excel Format in Garments Costing

Garment factories and companies selling their garments to stores or other factories are required to set price for each unit of t-shirt, trouser and pent manufactured by them.

Before setting price it is important to realize all the expenses made to trim and manufacture certain item therefore cost sheet in excel is formulated in the companies.

Cost Sheet Format in Excel Free Download

Direct and indirect costs are incurred when manufacturing a certain type of item in the company. However it is important to realize expense made on manufacturing to earn good profit for the company.