Excel Landlord Spreadsheet Template for Loss and Profit

You are at the right platform if you are searching for excel landlord spreadsheet template for expense budget and loss and profit calculating. Profit and loss templates are also available here for the business enterprises as well as for restaurant owners. Improved cash flow for the landowners is ensured as they are able to forecast and predict effectively.

Landlords who are interested in investing in multiple properties located in different housing developments schemes as well as in separate cities are required to maintain buying and selling record of the property.

If they have bought the land for selling purchase, they must be able to observe increasing or decreasing profit potential in the specific land.

Landlord Rent Receipt

House Rent Receipt

Excel Landlord Spreadsheet Template

Monthly operating income: the current section must show number of units, average monthly rent per link, total rental income and total vacancy loss. Gross monthly operating income can then be calculated easily.

  • Monthly operating expenses: List the monthly expenditures like property management fees, repairs and maintenance, real estate taxes, rental property insurance and accounting fees.
  • Net operating income: This section includes total annual operating income; total annual operating expense and you can see annual net operating income.

Excel Landlord Spreadsheet Template

Property Investment Spreadsheet Templates

Adopting side business of property is common these days; however a landlord must be able to identify monthly operating expenses and well as annual operating expenses as you are holding your large amount by investing on the rental property.

Excel template shows you details about the prices whether, they are going in profit or you are suffering loss by selling them out. You are able to view capitalization rate and valuation of your specific property. Detailed loan information is added in the excel template as well.