Hotel Invoice Template Excel

An invoice is the record of payment of fee or rent for a service received by a client to the service provider. Concomitantly, a hotel invoice is a receipt of payment of rent or any other charges to the manager of hotel by a customer who acquires a service of that hotel. It is necessary that the particulars of request for a service by a customer must be noted on an invoice to bill that customer accordingly. It is a sophisticated way of billing the customer.

Hotel Invoice Template

Features of a Hotel Invoice Template

A hotel invoice template is a worksheet entailing the name, logo, phone number, and address of the hotel at the top of it. There are cells or sections in this invoice that entail the brief description of services that are ordered by a customer. The cost of each service is mentioned in the very next column to each respective description. The total of all cots is summed as a bill to the customer. You can use an Excel worksheet as a Hotel Invoice and can print it as it is very easy to customize and edit.

Importance of using Invoice

It is recommended that hotel managers should use their standard Hotel Invoices for billing their customers as it will carry a lot plus points to their hotel management. For instance,

  • A well designed and customized Hotel Invoice, entailing the logo of the company/hotel with the official stamp of hotel manager, promotes high professional standard of the hotel.
  • It serves as a trust-agreement or pledge between the customer and hotel as for any service ordered by the customer, the hotel will be obliged to serve. Hence, it builds mutual trust relationship between them.
  • A Hotel Invoice authenticates the order from the customers for any service acquired by them and they are legally bound to pay the charges of that acquired service.
  • It averts instigation and creation of any misunderstandings and false claims between the customers and hotel service providers about ordering of services.
  • It serves as a record of payments made by the customers to the hotel manager of hotel servicing staff. Hence, invoices have their vital importance for audits of hotels.
  • It validates and authenticates the rent payments as some hotels might not accept payment claims of customers without any receipts.



Some hotels use different invoices when the customer checks in the room of the hotel and when he checks out from there. Such invoices contain the list of all accessories, facilities, appliances, and luggage that are provided to the customer at the time of checking in. The customer ticks each item which he found in the room at the time of check-in. Similarly, the customer has to tick each item that he lefts behind the room at the time of check-out. This contains a record of any damage or missing of any appliance that is mishandled by the customer. Upon any damages or missing, the customer is charged accordingly in the Hotel Invoice.