Simple league Table Excel Format Download

League table is simply used to provide information regarding tournaments played in a specific league. Simple tables can be formed in excel and the tables already provided on internet can be downloaded.

Some games are played globally while some are played nationally. However some games like football, cricket and basketball are adopted as love and passion for people.

Institutions are also involved in organizing tournaments to increase participation of students in extra circular activities which is essential for both good health and to boost brain function of a student, however keeping updated information can be followed by using a league table.

Format of Simple League Table

A template most commonly used to create league table whether it is for football or soccer can be created in excel. It shows the information related to all the teams participating in league.

Contribution in school

  • Institutions are not only regarded as body to provide knowledge to student.
  • It has a role in teaching kids an effective way of leading life.
  • Following student performance can be easy using these tables as related to tests as well as their role in physical activities.

Format of Simple League Table

Health Benefits

  • Parents are greatly focused that their kids take active part in physical sports as it is considered essential for good health.
  • It helps in developing confidence in kids by improving their physical outlook and making them look more fit and smart.
  • Healthy functioning of body organs is ensured as exercise exerts them to a point where they work at full potential.

Updated information

  • Tables are helpful as they provide updated information.
  • Present condition of any specific team can be determined.
  • Performance can be evaluated efficiently.


Teams which are on the top rank and the teams on the 2nd and 3rd position can also be viewed from table. Goals scored by specific team in a match can also be observed from the table.